Q. How can I listen to my own iPod music?
A. Go to setting and turn off the Background Music option.

Q. How can I transfer the game’s data onto another device?
A. Select Upload from the Setting menu to enjoy the same game on another device. Enter your email address to receive a Secret
Code from MobCrete (also check your spam email). Open the game from the other device and select Download from the setting
menu. Enter the Secret Code to download the game data from the server. Please be aware that the Secret Code can only be used

Q. What do the yellow people below the door item represent?
A. They represent number of people who’ll enter your restaurant. The more people means a greater number of visitors.

Q. My item disappeared into the box. Where did they land up?
A. The yellow box represents the inventory where items are stored. Items inside your inventory is represented by a number on
the top left-hand corner. To use inventory items, select and drag the item to your restaurant.

Q. How can I make friends?
A. There are two methods of making friends. You can either login to your Facebook and/or Game Center account. Friends from
Facebook and/or Game Center playing Pucca’s Restaurant will automatically been shown.

Q. My Facebook and/or Game Center friends don’t appear in Pucca’s Restaurant!
A. Not all your Facebook and/or Game Center friends will appear. Only those playing Pucca’s Restaurant will be shown. Please
be aware that there’s a slight delay after logging into your account for the first time.

Q. I changed my device and reinstalled Pucca’s Restaurant and my data is gone. What can I do?
A. Go to Setting and click Restore. Your previous data should be restored. However if the problem persists, please contact
[email protected] along with your previous chef and restaurant name.

Q. I’m getting the Time Travel popup box. How can I get rid of it?
A. Delete the app reinstall it. Afterwards go to Setting and click Restore to restore your previous data.

Q. It says that I’ve been placed on the blacklist, how can I be unbanned from the list?
A. Only users who have legit reasons will be unbanned from the blacklist. Please send your request along with your chef and
restaurant name to [email protected]

Q. I cannot begin the Task with Friends feature. How can I begin?
A. You must complete all the steps of Pucca’s Guide (red button on top left corner).

Q. In the Pucca’s Guide, it tells me to move the table. I have tried moving tables, but it still asks me to move the table. What can I do?
A. You must move the exact table as instructed. Go to the shop and place the “Basic Table” then move it.

Q. My friends tell me that they see multiple restaurants under my account. How can I delete a restaurant?
A. Please send the details of the restaurant that you would like deleted. Make sure to include the chef and restaurant name and the
current level of the restaurant.

Q. How can I get a refund?
A. Developers cannot refund customers. You must contact Apple’s support team directly. Please visit their website in your country
and inquire through Apple.

Q. I have purchased backgrounds and/or the remove ads in-app purchase. However, it is asking me to make another purchase. Will
I be double charged?

A. No, backgrounds and the remove ads in-app purchase items are non-consumable items. You will not be charged again if you have
previously made a purchase.

Q. I’m not receiving notifications after updating my iOS?
A. Please make sure that you have turned your notification setting on from your device. Go to Settings > Notification > Pucca’s
Restaurant and make sure that it is turned on.

Q. How can I delete messages received from friends?
A. You can’t delete them manually. They’ll be automatically be deleted after 50 are received.

Q. I want to make an in-app purchase but the button is disabled, how can I buy it?
A. From your device, go to Setting > General > Restrictions > In-App Purchase and make sure that the setting has been turned on.

Q. I’m getting frequent crashes on my iPod touch, what can I do?
A. We are currently working on an update with the fix. It will be enhanced in the next version of Pucca’s Restaurant.

Q. My question is not answered in the FAQ. Where can I inquire or find out more about Pucca’s Restaurant?
A. You can visit our Facebook page at
http://facebook.com/mobcrete follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/mobcrete or send an
inquiry to
[email protected] from within the Settings page or directly.